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Responsive Website Design & S.E.O.

Our friends at Titan Stairs recently acquired a new location in Gilbert, Arizona and since we had recently built the website they asked us to replicate it for Of course were up to the challenge and got right to work. This website was built using Foundation 5 for the front end responsive framework and PHP as the scripting language. We also used a jQuery mobile gallery that allows groups of photos to be included together in the popup expanded views. This website was turned very quickly since we had done most of the work already for Website Design and S.E.O. Website Design and S.E.O.

We Have A Website... How Do We Get Visitors?

This is always the next question a customer asks us after we build them a website so we knew exactly what to do. First we consulted with the executive staff at Arizona Stairs to survey their business objectives. Then, when we had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve and who their ideal customer was we determined that they needed a Local S.E.O. Campaign that targeted people searching for services in their area. We set them up with a 6 month contract and within that 6 month period we were able to get them #1 Positions on Google organically for over 25 relevant key word phrases. This resulted in a steady boost in visitor traffic, RFQ Quote Requests and Phone inquiries. Needless to say…. They were pleased!

As you can see from the adjacent screenshots, is ranked #1 organically for the two search terms. You can also see that there are PPC Ads above them so the key word phrases are worth paying for! Website Design and S.E.O.
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