SMS / Texting Web Application

Custom SMS/Text Messaging Web Application

Top Club Referral (TCR) is a Las Vegas based night club referral agency that promotes various venues in Las Vegas. TCR came to us for assistance in developing a custom web application that would allow their staff to manage communication between TCR, their agents and the clubs via text message. TCR also wanted the ability to generate reports on their agents, referrals and commissions taken in & paid out.

TCR Custom web application
Yii 2.0 and Twillio web application

Our Solution: Yii 2 Web App Utizing The Twillio API

Our team developed a custom PHP web application using the Yii 2.0 framework that utilized the Twillio communication API. The application allowed the company’s Agents to send incoming text messages to TCR; TCR’s office staff received the incoming messages with alerts to their desktop computers and responded right back to the Agent’s smart phone all via SMS / Text Message.

Yii 2.0 and Twillio web application

Two Way SMS / Text Messaging

Our solution allowed for instant two-way SMS / Text Messaging between TCR’s office, TCR’s Agents and the venues that they were promoting. Each Agent could text in the details of their incoming group to TCR’s office; TCR could respond to the agent and also notify the venue of the incoming group, all via instant Text Message and with just a few clicks.

Text messaging web application
TCR Web application reporting filters

Customizable Reports With Exporting Features

Our clients also wanted a way to track history so in our solution we also provided a level of reporting for the website administrators that allowed then to filter through all of the website data by date & time and export the results to a printable PDF form.

TCR Web application reporting filters

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web application login screen
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