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Graphic Design For Django Website & Application

The owners of DispensaryTexting.com came to us in need of graphics for a new website and web application that they were having their own developer build. Their only request was that they needed graphics designed for their new website. They wanted something clean, attractive and something withe a great deal of creativity. Well… I think we nailed it!

We delivered the final results in PSD format so that their developer could do the HTML markup and then tie it into their custom Django backend.

graphic design for dispensarytexting.com
more than graphic design - calls to action!

More Than Just Graphic Design...

More than just design… We came up with several crafty messages and Calls-To-Actions (CTA’s) that are used to spark the interest of the website visitors and inspire them to take an action. This is where we really excel, we like to go the extra mile here and do more than what we are hired for. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We do more than just design a page, we put great thought into how a visitor is going to use this page and where we want this visitor to go after this page…. This is what User Experience designing is all about!

more than graphic design - calls to action!

Even More Graphic Design For Web!

After we designed the front end of the website we moved on to the back end. We were given carte blanche to do whatever we wanted…. So we did and I think the results are incredible! We designed all of the inner pages of the web application from the dashboard to the messaging and credit management pages. This truly was a fun project and it sure helps when you client allows you to let your imagination run!

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